Year 24….Day 364

i.e. the day before my 25th birthday. LOL

It was totally a normal day, although I was still worried that I hadn’t heard from the travel arrangment lady.

But as fate would have it, she called today.

And from North Los Angeles. So again, another number I didn’t know, but I knew better than to not answer. I mean, who else would call me from Cali? The Kardashians??

She asks when we want to leave. Uhh…Right now??? :) lol!

I was already thinking it, but thankfully DH was on board; we wanted the earliest flight possible.

Her: There’s a 6 am.

Me: That’s fine.

Her: But you’ll have to be at the airport by 4 in the morning.

I look over to DH.

Him: so?

Me: I will be there RIGHT NOW if you want me to.

She laughs.

DH: Ask her if we’re flying first class.

I shake my head. DH gives me “the look”

Me: Not that it matters in the slightest, but my husband wants to know whether we’ll be flying first class.

Lady: No.

Me: That’s totally fine!!! (thinking: I will fly with the baggage if necessary)

Then she asks about the flight back. Our flight back to Texas will be at 9am. Shucks! Meaning we’d only have all day Saturday in Miami and that’s it. But still…I was totally cool with it because I’d have already met Justin Timberlake.

DH: Ask her about changing the flight!! To Virginia! Ask her!

I shake my head!! Uhhh NO!! I don’t wanna push it! They’re already giving me this trip. And the stipulations were: they fly you from your hometown, you get 2 nights’ stay, you meet JT (eek!), JT/Jay Z concert, flight HOME. Get it, flight HOME!!!!

But he gives me that dreaded “look” again….ugh!

Me: Let’s say….hypothetically…we miss our flight…or we need to change the destination of our flight. Could we just do that at the airport? Possibly pay a fee??

Her: Well, I have a certain budget for your tickets. As long as the new location is within that limit I can change it myself.

Me: Really??? We want to go to Virginia.

Her: Ok. Is 9pm okay?

Me: SURE!! (note: a whole ‘nother day in Miami!!)

Her: But you do understand you’ll have to pay for your flight back to your hometown.

Me: Of course, of course!! But by then I wouldn’t care if I couldn’t get back! I would already meet JT. I would stay in Virginia if I have to!!!

She laughs.

(I’m really quite the funny character aren’t I?)

So we’re set. She sends us some paperwork, which we have to drive to TP’s house to print, sign, scan, and send back. And then just wait for confirmation emails.

So for real, for my 25th birthday I get a paid trip to Miami (did I mention we didn’t have a honeymoon?), a flight to Virginia, hotel stay, and a concert. MANNNN! And I thought last year would be the BEST it could possibly be! I mean I got a HOUSE for my 24th birthday!! And I got married at 24!

Now I get JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE??? Happy 25 to me!!!

Justin Timberlake is gonna have to become my brother husband (like sister wife) next year in order to keep topping the year before!!

Our Eighth Month

and a very unexpected one indeed.



DH said once we got married we’d only be celebrating our wedding anniversary.

pfft! It’s like he doesn’t know who he married! LOL All 17ths are special. :)

But even though they’re all special, July 17th is the special-ist of them all. It’s the one that started it all!

BUT, this year we had NO plans. Like at all.

I was actually feeling really sad about it. Usually I’ll have spent some time getting DH a gift or making something. Usually something cheesy, but it’s from the heart, and I like it, so that’s what counts. LOL!!!

Anywho, DH had class this night…actually his last class of the summer also kicked in, so he would leave the house before I got home from work, and then not be home till about 10.

So total sad-sies. :( Six years. No presents. Not even DH!! :( I figured I would maybe just bake him his favorite dessert as his something special.

No matter what I would have bought, nothing could top what happened next.

Long story short?



*ring ring* (unknown local number) (and b/c I NEVER answer numbers I don’t know I google it real quick)

Me: (internally:hmm….CBS radio?….This could only mean….OMG!) Hello?

Lady: Hi this is B… from CBS radio, I’m calling about the Justin Timberlake in Miami….

Me: OMG! Please hold on! I have to step out of my office. OMG. OMG. OMG.

The entire convo is a bit of a blur, but I do remember asking her plenty of times whether she was lying. She wasn’t.

Then she asked for my social security number. I start giving it to her.

Me: Wait…this isn’t a scam right?

Lady: No, of course not.

Me: Because if it is, and you’re still going to send me to meet Justin Timberlake, I would be totally okay with that.

She laughs.

She gets all the info she needs, but she tells me she needs me to fill out some paperwork. And if I come by tomorrow then she can submit what she needs and the process will be started for my trip.

Me: What time do you close?

Lady: 530

Me: I’ll be there.

As expected, I couldn’t stand staying till my regular time at work so I took off a little early to go to the radio station. That’s when something interesting happened.

I get up to the front desk of the radio station and tell the girl what I’m there for.

Girl: You’re the second choice.

Me: Excuse me?

Girl: Well someone won, but they never picked up the phone.

Me: Wow. That sucks!!!

I mean that would sure as hell teach me a lesson to pick up my phone whenever it rings!!!

So the lady whom I spoke to on the phone comes out and I ask her about the other winner.

Lady: Yeah, we tried leaving messages, but they never called back.

Me: That really sucks….

Me: but I *TOTALLY* deserve it!!!

Cuz heck yeah I do!!! <3

Then the anxiety starts up again while I wait for another lady to call me to set up my actual travel arrangements.





Caller 95

And even though I’m retelling this story more than a month later, I remember this morning vividly.

It was a Tuesday, just another regular workday. For some reason I had it in me to leave for work a little early. During my drive I usually flip through two stations 95.7 and 104. All of a sudden I hear a promotion “Call now for a chance to win a trip to Miami to meet Justin Timberlake and get a copy of his new album!” I think, “what the heck!” dial the number and let it ring.

Usually you never get through. But I persisted. Kept hanging up and redialing. Finally a ring! An answer! “Caller 10” Hangs up. I think “OH! So I *can* get through!!”

Now it’s on like Donkey Kong.

I really should give a little backstory here. I am a nutcase when it comes to these sorts of things. When we were dating, DH and I were bidding on some rodeo tickets to see Rascal Flatts. The countdown was close to ending and we were the winning bid! 5….4…3…2…1!!!! “You have been outbid” I was hysterical. Not just after we lost the tickets (which were really good seats), but during the whole countdown. Obviously we weren’t the only ones bidding so I kept screaming at DH to bid again! (side note: DH refuses to use ebay and the bidding feature anymore) The same happens when I’m trying to buy concert tickets.

(Which oh, by the way! Justin Timberlake is back!!! And announced a concert tour! This is the first time Justin is out in the music scene and I’m an adult! A working adult! Meaning I have my own money!!! I was going to get the regular, most expensive tickets (around $150?), but then they announced VIP seating! I just wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I didn’t shell out the $300 for VIP seats. (DH is coming with me! He is ecstatic! *sarcasm* LOL))

So the day of the presale (because YES of course I’m a member of the fanclub and had a presale code!) I am ready to buy my tickets at 9:59 and 59 seconds. I go through the whole online process, heart pounding, and I complete my transaction! And it is STILL 10:00 am. Meaning I bought my tickets in less than a minute.

So trust me people. I pretty much have full on anxiety with these sorts of countdowns, but I LOVE doing them.

Actually I only like doing them if I get what I’m after (hence heartbreak after Rascal Flatts)

Also, Justin had also done an online scavenger hunt and was giving out signed vinyls of his album. The first question I found the answer really quick, but I got a little flustered. I still answered it within that next minute. And I thought I won!! Then I realized Facebook’s new feature shows your comment on top no matter what. And I had lost by only a few seconds, possibly milliseconds.

So back to my story…on like Donkey Kong!

Hitting redial like a madwoman. Weaving through traffic trying to get to work.

Finally more ringing!

And ringing. And ringing.

I’m praying that my phone doesn’t hang us up for “no answer”.

Click! Line picks up.

Heart pounding.




WTF! So I hang up. And oh man was I doubting myself big time! I’m thinking “Please don’t tell me that was it and they just couldn’t hear me”

Dial again.


OMG! That’s cool.

“Hot 95.7, who’s this?”

(why didn’t he say caller XX? hey this sounds like PK, one of the morning DJs)

“This is Crystal”

“Are you a Justin Timberlake fan?”


“You just won a chance to……..(screaming) Justin Timberlake…..(screaming)….in Miami…..(screaming)…..won his album….(screaming)”

I didn’t really hear clearly what he said. But I guess they answer the call before they’re live on air (to prevent foul language I’m sure) and I know he asked me how old I was. I had to really think about it because my birthday is in July, but it’s not July yet. And I still think I’m like 18, and so I had to count.

“I’m twenty…..four! yea! I’m 24!!”

They read off stipulations and I’m just internally still screaming in my head, so I didn’t hear what they said.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I did manage to say that. LOL

I talked to a girl who collected all my info. I was beyond excited. Throughout all this I missed the turn I usually take, so I took the next one and decided to pull over in the Walmart parking lot for fear that I’d run off the road. We hung up. I called DH. And TP. And HJ. And Abui. LOL! Yes, I called my grandpa. He knows my love of Justin Timberlake and would want to know these things. Abui told me he would pray for me to win. I felt kinda bad that I was using Abui to get in an extra prayer to go meet Justin Timberlake, but I know Abui wants whatever I do. I called a couple other friends and then I made it official.

Facebook Official

Facebook Official

Like a dutiful fan I continued to listen to the radio station every morning to see who my competition would be. I knew that if it came down to it, I could (and would) win any sort of contest they threw at me. They would announce to call in, but I never heard anyone actually winning. I’m thinking maybe because I was CLEARLY ecstatic and excited they played me on air? I heard from TP later that week that TWO of her friends had also called in and won a chance. Oh hell no! I was gonna take these ladies down. There’s no way I would accept it if they won. One of them told TP she wasn’t sure who she would take. And I’m thinking “LADY! THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE! MEETING JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! AND *THAT* IS WHAT YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT??? PFFT!”

But only time would tell who the winner was. I actually was so overwhelmed when the girl was asking my info to ask her when the winner would know. I thought about calling back to ask, but I didn’t want to be the “annoying girl” and what if I got on their nerves so then they hated me and would prevent me from winning?? (hello anxiety! nice to see you again)

So I decided to wait.

(Edit: I went back to FB to check my post and get the snapshot of my status. And guess what time I posted? 7:17! Our original anniversary!! I could not make this “17” stuff up!) :)

Our Seventh Month

And this time I *did* find context clues in my bank statements as to what we did! LOL

We had dinner at one of our favorite places, Spring Creek BBQ (super carnivores over here, remember? LOL) We have a good friend that works there whom we met at another location and he always takes care of us. I mean he was just the guy that worked at the restaurant and we became friends with him. Even invited him to the wedding! Although our friends totally corrupted him and got him wasted, I think he had a good time. And he really is a nice kid. Note: he’s 20 so even I consider him a kid. Seriously, how did *I* become the old one?? I’ve ALWAYS been the youngest in the crowd. Gah! I guess you can’t ever fight a battle with time. Cuz you’re never gonna win. womp womp womp!

Nevertheless, it was a pretty normal day for us.

DH decided to go back to school and finish his degree. I think it’s an amazing idea and I know that even though we’re sacrificing now and making it work (financially), in the end it’s going to work out for the best and we’re going to be good.

I’m actually really proud of him. He isn’t really the studyworm I am (only child remember? all my pressure growing up came from how good I could do in school) But DH has buckled down and is taking three classes this summer. We had talked about going up to Virginia to visit my in-laws, but his school schedule is keeping him busy all summer. Except for one week. So we’re thinking maybe we can make it work. But again, we have to figure out travel arrangements/expenses, dog/house sitting. So it’s still open, but we both really want to do something this summer.

And we STILL haven’t traveled anywhere together!! Hello! Been together almost SIX YEARS (next month) and still haven’t had a trip or stayed overnight anywhere. It’s time to fix that!

(side note: it’s 8/1 and boyyyy we would have never imagined what all would be in store for us!!!! :) and it all would be set in motion VERY soon.) ;)

Our Sixth Month

Half a year! We made it to the half way point!!

And since we’re so far past it, and I didn’t write anything down about what we did, I’ve resorted to checking my bank statements. LOL!!

Oh no, wait! I know!! We went with TP & TD out for dinner that night. It was a Friday and I had hinted that we should do something special. So we went to Texas Longhorn Steakhouse! (Yes, another steakhouse. We obviously could never be vegetarians. lol!) The food was really good (so good that this is where I picked to go for my birthday (note: it is now 8/1) LOL). And I clearly remember trying one of their desserts. It was a salted caramel cake slice. And it was amazing.

I guess the good thing about having to share a dessert with DH is that he HATES sweets. I mean he’ll try it. MAYBE. So most times I’m the only one that will end up eating it. And why would I ever complain about that? Dessert all to myself? #winning LOL Only negative is this feeds into my “only child syndrome” where I think it’s all about me and I get all the good stuff.

I always think about those kinds of things when they’re happening. Because I know that when we have kids I’m not going to be the center of attention anymore. I’m sure I’ll get over it though. I’ve totally been feeling the whole baby fever though. Especially since we’re usually always asked about it. But we both really feel that next year would be the best time to start trying. I really want to take my PE (to become a licensed professional engineer) since it’s an 8 hour exam and I’d like to have that out of the way and then I’d really be set in my career. Having a baby will totally rock our world, and I really feel that we should be as settled and prepared as we can be before taking on the biggest responsibility of life.

Nonetheless, life is good for us. And I couldn’t be happier. :)

Our Fifth Month

& HJ’s birthday!!!

(seriously, 17th’s have to be like the most specialest days EVER!)

I celebrated with the birthday girl this past weekend. We met for a movie, dinner, and dessert. The movie was FANTASTIC! I wasn’t expecting much out of The Croods (I really didn’t know anything about it), but I was very pleasantly surprised and really liked the movie a whole lot! We stayed in the area to eat and I think the highlight of the meal had to be this locating device they give you after you place your order and go sit down. Instead of buzzing (like Olive Garden) it has some sort of GPS thingy that transmits a signal thru the table and lets the workers know where you’re sitting and they bring your food to you! Pretty nifty tool!

Hmm. I really should have kept up better with the blog to remember what DH and I did. I’m pretty sure we went to Saltgrass for dinner since it was a weekday. Other than that I think we were falling more into a routine and an “every day life” sort of mindset. I mean 17th’s couldn’t all be grandiose and exciting ALL the time. Or could they??? DUN DUN DUN!! ;)

Our Fourth Month

& TP’s birthday.

& the last day of the rodeo.

The month was definitely rodeo month.

Mami left and went back home at the beginning of the month. We both miss her a lot. Taking her to the airport was really hard. It feels like she’s been gone forever! And the house is definitely a lot emptier without her here. :(

But now, FINALLY, we are a happily married couple living ALONE!! We hadn’t had the house to ourselves since before the wedding. And although we both LOVED having people over, I think now it’s for real and official, official that we’re really married! LOL

And this month’s anniversary is sure going to be hard to beat.

Today, we went to the rodeo.

What’s that you say? “Oh, but you’ve been there so much these past few weeks, what’s so special about it now?”

Oh nothing much….but we went with TP & TD, sort of a double date if you will. And we were celebrating her birthday.

Still not enough?


And we had FLOOR seats to the rodeo concert.

STILL not enough?

FLOOR seats for the KING of country himself, Mr. George Strait!!!

(I have since learned that I HAD seen him in concert before. But I was a kid. And I fell asleep. LOL!)

But this was DH’s first time seeing him, and for all intents and purposes (since I can’t remember it) my first time too!! And my gosh was it magical!

Maybe you have to be country fans like we are. Cuz I’m not sure y’all would understand otherwise.

This is the KING OF COUNTRY people!

It is seriously a big deal. The stadium was completely packed. They had massive amounts of seats on the floor level too. I mean, it took 30 minutes just to walk inside! There was over 80,000 people in there!

And he’s the KING y’all! On his FAREWELL tour!!!

The concert was amazing! (I mean what else could have been expected) and we were above the moon that day.

Hands down the BEST rodeo experience either of us has ever had, and probably will ever have. There’s just no topping that show. Entertainment at its finest. And I experienced it with my HUSBAND!! (Months later and I STILL love calling him that) :)

Mr. & Mrs. A @ King George's show

Mr. & Mrs. A @ King George’s show